Invitations to Pray

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That God would bless, guide and empower with the Holy Spirit the new forms of servant ministry and outreach undertaken and being considered in our church.

Thanksgiving and praise to God for the successful work of our church’s new Prayer Team, Growth Team, & Funding Team in supporting our church’s total ministry and our Building Program.

That God would help us to be faithful stewards of the potential for ministry expressed by our new building

Thanks to God for generous gifts and for recent and returning visitors!

The work of our elders, deacons, members, and friends in repairing, maintaining, and upgrading our church’s historic sanctuary building and constructing our addition.

God’s blessing and guidance upon the new Children’  Ministry in our church, both in the new Children’s Sunday School at 10:00 am  and the new Children’s portion of Morning Worship at 11:00 am. That all our teaching, sharing, and learning might honor and glorify Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

That God would continue to bless the results of all our efforts to honor Christ by making our church more visible, accessible, and welcoming.

God’s guidance and blessing upon all the ministries and future plans of Mid-South Presbytery and the Presbyterian Church, USA.

Our president, senators, and representatives – and all our elected government officials – that they work together more faithfully and effectively as positive and constructive leaders of our nation and world.

The safety of all firefighters and  first responders trying to help the victims of natural and human disasters.

Peace and justice in situations of racial hatred and violence simmering throughout our nation.

Compassion, care, and relief for migrants and refugees, especially children, made hopeless, homeless, and hungry by international violence and terror. A just and peaceful end to the conflicts behind such turmoil and desperation.

Children and families suffering and dying from the Cholera Epidemic in Yemen and starving in the South Sudan.  An end to the killing of doctors and nurses and the bombing of hospitals and humanitarian relief convoys seeking to bring food, clean water, and medicine to the suffering.

That God would raise up and anoint with the Holy Spirit’s blessing and power additional intercessors for our world, our nation, and our church’s members, outreach, and ministry.